Our Purpose

>> To deliver results based on hard won experience.


Previse provides an avenue for business leaders to tap into the experience and wisdom of veteran oil and gas industry senior executives- leveraging their knowledge to design and execute strategies and improvement efforts that deliver results to the bottom line.



>> To make E&P companies successful.


We believe the successful companies of the future will be Process Focused, Data Driven and Excellent at Execution.  We help companies move toward this success by asking the right questions, emphasizing and simplifying the most critical drivers, navigating past/through traditional organizational barriers, capturing and measuring the true value-oriented results from improvement efforts, and taking a holistic, system-wide approach.



>> To provide clarity.


For companies that support the E&P industry, we can further illuminate the marketplace.  We offer perspectives that help companies understand the existing and emerging challenges along the entire upstream value chain.   Armed with this insight, companies are able to make their products more relevant and valuable to current and potential clients.



>> To build a foundation for consistent value delivery.


Regardless of how brilliant or elegant the solution, if someone does not do something differently, no value will be realized.  At Previse, we know what to emphasize when building a program designed to increase your organizational capability. And we meet today's challenges within the context of our client's current reality.